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Blue Dragon Tenkai No Shichi Ryuu Show Info

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Watch Episode 045 of Blue Dragon Tenkai No Shichi Ryuu. Next Episode is 046, While Previous Episode of this Show is 044 This Anime Show can be categorized in Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural,
Status of Show is Currently: Completed.
Released in Year: 2008

Synopsis of Anime Show: Blue Dragon Tenkai No Shichi Ryuu

After the events of the Blue Dragon series, Shu and Bouquet join a resistance group to fight General Rogi's army of invasion.They encounter a mysterious child , Noi, who has the power to revive Shu's shadow counter-part Blue Dragon, and save her from the pursuit of a red dragon. Now Shu and his company have to set foot once again on a journey to discover the purpose of the dragons, undergo their tests and stop the chains of events which threatens the fate of humanity.